Thursday, December 28, 2006

Random Access Melodies One

So I've had the intention (for quite some time) to post all 3 R.A.M. discs at once. Why? I dunno. Strange internal logic? Yeah, that's probably the bulk of it...problem is, the middle one is not done yet and I kinda burnt out on it for a minute. I know, waah waah waah, right? But hey, motivation can be a tricky bitch sometimes. Why the hell is the will to do things so goddamn unwieldy and intangible? Isn't it about time we get a pill for this? What's the hold up, Pfizer?

Anyhow, these other two have been done for a minute and are steadily gathering dust on my hard drive. (Digital dust. Yeah.) It also dawned on me that you can't listen to all 3 simultaneously. Or rather you shouldn't. It would be a bit confusing, I'm sure.

So, in light of all these mini-epiphanies, I've decided to dish these things out over some indeterminate amount of time. Seems like a rock solid plan, maybe. Whatever, it's a good time for it at least, in my opinion. This is always such a strange week for me. It's not a fresh start new year yet. It's not christmas anymore, so that familial pandemonium is slowly subsiding. It ends up being this big lazy holiday week, only a week feels like too much time to not busy yourself with something...all you can do is float. It's like no man's land... ::cue a long, windy stare into the horizon at dusk::

So, yeah, here's some computer music. That'll anchor you good.
RAM 1: Sounds From The Robonursery

Shhh. Do you hear it? Come closer...closer...good. Now listen...Do you hear them? They're little baby circuits. Listen to them, cooing and calculating, gurgling and processing.

They've gathered together here because they want to tell you about what they do. You see, every moment of every day they are busy playing with electricity. They stretch it and squish it and fold it and kneed it as it travels through them. It makes them happy. They play with electricity all the time and when they are done playing with it, they make sounds. And they can make so many sounds, from the purest of sine waves to a flurry of blurts and squiggles. Only problem is, they can't hear what they make. They don't have ears, the poor little guys...

But hey. You do. I think that's why they want to share their tiny melodies with you can hear them. Because, you see, these little machines, I think they are just as fascinated with us as we are with them. They find this whole "purpose" concept that we play with intriguing, despite it being a bit silly. It's the only thing in the world that causes them to voluntarily stop doing-doing-doing, if only for the briefest instant. But still, these infinitesimally small moments of introspection, they linger inside the machines. And I'm pretty sure it's because of this that they want you to hear their sounds. That way, you can carry them around in your head. Anytime you feel like humming, you can just hum the sounds they made. I'm pretty sure that that makes them happy too. It's nice, huh? Simple even, like the thoughts of a newborn. They want to affect life because life has effected them.

Or at least that's what they told me...

1. Milosh-Push
2.Bochum Welt-Feelings on a Screen
3.Wilt-Life In Rain
5.Tipper-Adrift For Days
6.Helios-Two Mark
7.T.F.O.M.S. Project-C.O.M.
8.Mum-The Ballad of the broken birdie records (Ruxpin Remix)
9.o9-terminal red
10.Arovane-A Secret
11.Euphone-Red, Blue, Yellow
12.Casino Vs. Japan-Come Along Do
13.Project E.L.F.-Newton
14.Xploding Plastix-Huncher
15.Chimerical Child-Serene
16.Aphex Twin-Alberto Balsalm
17.Animals on Wheels- Never In and Never Out
18.Piano Overlord-Spring's Arrival
19.Kelpe-Knock, Turn
20.machinedrum- Yo Half The Izey Rael (Logreybeam's 20yrledaig Mix)
22.E Vax-Neon and Aluminum
23.E Vax-What We Meant
25.B. Fleischmann-Sleep
26.B. Fleischmann-sidonie
27.To Rococo Rot-Das Blau Und Der Morgan
28.Ezekiel Honig-More Human Than Human
29.Solvent-A Panel Of Experts (Lowfish Remix)
30.Kelpe-Age Sculpture
31.Xploding Plastix-Dizzy Blonde
32.Minotaur Shock-Four Magpies
35.Boom Bip-The Move
36.Melodium-iopak bis
37.Mum-On the Old Mountain Radio
38.Signaldrift-Strategies For Success Boxes
40.Trentemoller-Take Me Into Your Skin
41.Copy-Tailored Pants
42.Rod-All My Love

Tricky Disco, one of Warp's first acts. This was a big song in the English rave scene back then. For 1990, this video is so next level that it's still next level. I can only imagine what went through some people's drug addled minds, seeing this projected on a wall at some proto-rave. "Wwweee arrrrrrennnn't rrrrreeeeaaaaddddyyy fffooorrr thhhiiissss. Ttthhhheeee iiinnnntttteeeeerrrnnneeeettttt ddooooeessnnn'tttt eeevvvvveeeennnn eeeexxxxiiiisttt yyyyyeettttt. OOOH. YEAH! OOOH. YEAH! MMMMEEEEELLLLLTTTTDDDDOOOOOWWWWWNNNN!!!!!!!!

Oh wait.....blogging.....yeahhh. Ahem, well, uh, obviously I fell off. I might start up again. But I also thought "maybe I'll make it one of my new year's resolutions to blog more". And then I thought about that thought and I was like "jesus christ, what is the world coming too?"

But I also got jams like this that people really should be up on. So we'll see... This button turns this into a megapost