Thursday, November 01, 2007

R.A.M. III: Hello, Fluorescent World

DJ Scallywag- Hello, Fluorescent World

1.Braun & The Mob- da pluster up (aller schwer)
2.Jamie Lidell-When I Come Back Around
3.James Figurine-Ruining The Sundays
4.Cut Copy-Future
5.Casco-Cybernetic Love
6.Console-14 Zero Zero
7.Modeselektor-Silikon (Serious Mo Rmx)
8.Morgan Geist-Most of All
9.Alex Smoke-Never Want To See You Again
10.Dntel-This Is The Dream Of Evan & Chan (Superpitcher Remix)
11.Minotaur Shock-Mistaken Tourist
12.Hot Chip-The Warning
13.Burnto Bertolucci-Bake Me Dome Tonight
14.Modeselektor-Vote Or Die
15.Tricky Disco-Tricky Disco (Plone Remix)
16.Ulrich Schnauss-In All The Wrong Places
17.machinedrum- offs (cassis wings remix by Secede)
18.Johannes Heil-Last
19.I Am The Robot And Proud-Osaka (Girls Are Short)
20.Computer Rockers-Green Screen (DMX Krew Remix)
21.Solid Groove & Sinden-Overbooked
22.Spac Hand Luke-Psycho
23.Daedelus-Samba Legrand
24.Cut Copy-Time Stands Still
25.machinedrum-cherokee lectro mix by Acid Wolf
26.Copy-Like a Turtle
27.Mobius Band-The Loving Sounds Of Static (Junior Boys Remix)

Hello, internet.

So if you don't read the words gathered in this here scramblepatch, then do yourself a favor and skip this. I'm just trying to talk my way out of an imaginary corner that I may or may not have painted my way into...however I made a mix that sounds nice and/or good. You should check that out.

If you do read this then, well, I hope you weren't too confused by that last one. I was in a bit of a tizzy when I wrote it and threw in some of that patented mobius logic for shits and gigs. Who knows what I've been aiming for by doing that. But honestly, without sarcasm or spin or unsubstantiated weirdness, these are the details on my current situation.

1. I'm moving to New York tomorrow. This has been in the works for some time and the best reason I can come up with is "because it's something that I need to do." I know, right? But I'm actually dead serious about that being the case...logistics be damned. So yeah, this is probably the ballsiest thing I have done in my young life. Or maybe the most retarded. Or possibly even the best? We shall see...

2. I'm most likely going on a substantial blog hiatus because I will be needing to get my shit together on the non-internet front. I will try and be semi-good about the Scumcasts though, if time allows.

3. I'm not gonna finish R.A.M II. In case you remember me mentioning it, it's this mix that I've been futzing with on and off for a long ass at least a year and a half. I've already built it up to near completion only to dismantle it and start from scratch...twice.

But just in case you were wondering, it was called Intravenous Digitalis and it involved a lot of caustic idm-style music interspersed with snippets about human progress, technological integration/paranoia, and ideas about the universe. Like, stuff about viewing life as a self-preserving program with a seemingly inescapable trajectory towards combining and complicating...or some things regarding the idea of purpose as it relates to the aggregate of data we accumulate as a species, and then pondering how that knowledge is being assimilated and interpreted in the collective sub-quantum repositories on which our reality is erected...and of course, plenty of things revolving around our inability to deny the selfish animalism embedded in our survival coding, and how that fact, combined with our current means to manipulate the natural world on a global scale, seems to inevitably put us on a crash course towards one dismal ass future...

::cough:: so yeah, fun stuff like that. You can probably see why trying to tackle something like this could make me get exponentially weirder, huh? But I finally (FINALLY!) realized that not only is all this head-churning, asymptote-overload bizz way too much for just a "mixtape"... it's also waaaay too much for me to really try and effectively communicate at this point in my life. Maybe one day when I am more established, and technically adept, I will be able to do justice to the concept without sounding like a nutbar. But from this point forward, I gotta focus on the here and now. Things that I can actually benefit from. This little tangent is the only piece of that endeavor that'll see the light of day.

All that being said, I conceived of this project as a 3-parter. I've actually had the third one done for at least a year. Needless to say, it's much simpler in scope, just a collection of songs I was digging at the time that were in some way computery, but still had a strong emotional component. There's also a heavy boy/girl undercurrent to it too. The highs and the lows. Actually, a lot of highs in this one surprisingly...there's a string of 5 or 6 songs in the middle there that sound, like, mind-bogglingly optimistic. That's why it was the last one, to kind of pad the hecticity of the middle one with a bit of hope. Anyway, I really should have let this one loose at the time, but right now is a pretty decent "release date" too, considering my sitch. It shouldn't sound too dated, simply because there are some really great songs on it. Enjoy.

Here we go...headfirst into the unknown.


Anonymous said...

good luck. keep your head up.

Tycho "Da Phreak Masta" Brahe said...

that shit is funky fresh. for real. i like that first up MJ channeling joint. neverland here i come. save some pants candy for me.

AristotHOLE said...

I is hope you enjoys New York as I have so. There are a lot to do and piss on. Realness.

C said...

Really enjoyed this -- most mixes I find myself fast-forwarding through 90% or more. It's nice to sit back & enjoy an hour of good tunes. Tnx for sharing.

ak said...

good stuff. for real.