Monday, August 30, 2010

Cymatic Futures

(Image courtesy of, a wonderful repository of liquid sound imagery and other related resources)

Scallywag - Cymatic Futures

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1. Deadboy - Heartbreaker
2. Pariah - Railroad
3. iTAL tEK - Moon Bow
4. Pariah - The Slump
5. Ramadanman - Glut
6. Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack (Martyn's Heart Beat Mix)
7. Indigo - Fading
8. 16BIt - Skyline
9. James Blake - Foot Notes
10. Kyle Hall - You Know What I Feel
11. Joy Orbison - So Derobe
12. Untold - Gonna Work Out Fine
13. Untold - Anaconda
14. Ultravid - Clan Of Wow (Kingdom Remix)
15. Gang Gang Dance - Bebey (DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek Remix)
16. Zomby - Digital Fauna
17. DFRNT - Headspace (Scuba Remix)
18. Jack Sparrow - The Chase
19. Subeena - Circular
20. Monolake - Atlas
21. Mordant Music - The Tower (ExhuMMed)
22. CEX - Freq
23. Starkey - Black Monolith
24. Holden - The Wheel
25. The Black Dog - ...Short Wave Lies
26. The Black Dog - Silipher
27. Eskmo - Process
28. Stagga - Lopside (Doshy Remix)
29. Lorn - Suicide Note
30. Aardvark - Untitled (Bloom 4)
31. Darkstar - Video Tape
32. Mount Kimbie - Taps
33. Sigha - Remembrance
34. Breakage (feat. Burial) - Vial
35. The Big Pink - Velvet (Mount Kimbie Remix)
36. Moderat - Rusty Nails (Shackleton rx)
37. Distance - Fallen (Vex'd Remix)
38. Roof Light - In Your Hands
39. Sigha - Light Swells (In A Distant Place)

Hey again. Probably pretty evident that I abandoned this blog for greener pastures (read: more buzz-worthy mediums..namely tumblr and twitter), but figured I should post this up here should there be any stragglers.

So yeah, all kinds of advanced wave patterning inside this one. It's based around all these new ideas that have been rippling out of the hardcore continuum over the last year or so, stuff that I can't help but follow closely, seeing how the broader sound manages to mutate just about every other month or so. Right now I feel like it's pretty tough to burn out on something that moves this quick, especially when the inertia pulls in all these talented people who then inform the larger about a whole other sub-set of influences. On top of that, because you have all these media outlets and communities providing instant critical commentary - most of which subsist on their ability to champion innovation - that process tends to generate this self-preserving dynamic to counter rapidly dwindling attention spans. Even though it's tougher to find the appropriate venues to play this stuff out (at least in the US), I feel like following it all is, at the very least, an amazing way to aggregate across multiple genres. Plus you eventually get this condensed sense of how it's all evolving in real-time, which just adds another layer to the addiction for me.

But yeah, in general, it's centered around the moodier strains of what's been spidering out of dubstep's wake, along with a couple other genres I've pulled in for effect. Part of the reason I made this is just to showcase as much of it as possible for those who are unfamiliar, but the bigger focus in this for me was to really draw out the emotional weight inherent in a lot of these far as that goes, all I will say is that I put a lot of thought into sequencing and mixing this...

Anyhow, it clocks in at around 1:40, super lengthy for a mix these days, I know, but I was trying to go wide-screen with this one. If you liked The Distant Haunts, it has a pretty similar arc. Things really start to come together around the 40 minute mark, so let it run awhile if you want to see the whole vibe I'm getting at start to...make sense?

....annnd might as well mention that you can get most of my mixes easily by subscribing to my podcast. All different genres, plus I just realized there's a mix in there from a few months ago that I never posted here.

Oh...and lastly... if could you do me one small favor, please:

listen to this at night.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hidden Shores

DJ Scallywag - Hidden Shores

1.Memory Cassette - Last One Awake (Friend Version)
2.Ghostape - Your Eyes (Round Table Knights Remix)
3.Miike Snow - Animal
4.Jack Penate - Tonight's Today
5.Joakim - Spiders
6.Spirit Catcher - Sweet Deal
7.Major Lazer - Cash Flow (Clasixx Glass Bottom Dub Mix)
8.The Octopus Project - I Saw The Bright Shinies
9.Chymera - Parelo
10.Washed Out - You'll See It
11.Washed Out - Lately
12.Ytre Rymden Dansskola - Kahlula Madness (Remix)
13.Desire - Dans Mas Reves
14.Florence + The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Leo Zero Remix)
15.Kleerup - Until We Bleed (w/ Lykke Li)
16.Can - Sunday Jam
17.Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
18.Beatconductor - Carribean Path
19.Star You Star Me - Vega Cruises
20.Gatto Fritto - Hungry Ghosts
21.Memory Tapes - Green Knight
22.Grovesnor - Drive Your Car (Hot Chip Remix)
23.Passion Pit - The Reeling (Sammy Bananas' Big Choon Remix)
24.Memory Cassette - Body In The Water
25.Atlas Sound - Walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox)
26.Bibio - Lovers' Carvings

So here we are again with my annual "summer" mix. Normally I feel like a duncecap for getting these out so late, but this one actually has a nostalgic quality that works perfectly - sorta like the soundtrack for clinging to these last dog days. I think this is my favorite one of these I've done so far, kind've a mix between Endless Baleria and Listen & Glisten. It came together pretty easily too. I don't know if you noticed but there's been, like, a lot of summer music this summer.

So yeah, there's a bunch of great new songs, some older stuff as well, but it's all hyper-melodic and within the theme, and everything's still mixed all tight and proper-like. I tried to make it like the daytime companion to The Distant Haunts. Maybe you'll pick up on that.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy. In fact, bask in this one; get lost in it. Run into the waves, roll in the tide, let the sea wash over you as the sun cuts low across the sky. This is your place now too: a secret place, far away, where it's always warm and the sun is forever setting, and you've finally found what it is you've been looking for...

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Distant Haunts

The Distant Haunts

1.CFCF - You Hear Colours
2.Cage and Aviary - Television Train
3.John Forde - Stardance
4.Jackson Jones - I Feel Good (Pilooski edit)
5.The Chromatics - Night Drive
6.Bergheim 34 - Take My Soul
7.The Isolators - Concentrate on Us
8.Carol - Breakdown
9.Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People
10.Pankow - Girls & Boys (Betty Botox Edit)
11.Lobt Noch Irrt - Heizgas Meter
12.Andreas Dorau & Justus Kohncke - Was Zu Sagen War
13.Yukihiro Takahashi - Drip Dry Eyes
14.Only Fools and Horses - Spectacle Wins (Holy Ghost! Remix)
15.Weird Tapes - The Heavens
16.Hedford Vachal- Toys (Richard Sen Remix)
17.Goldfrapp - Happiness (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
18.Black Devil Disco Club - Is Sorrow (Brain Machine's Lucifer Rising Dub)
19.Dj Koze - I Want to Sleep
20.Grackle - Jungle (Disco Uno) (Unit 4 mix)
21.Muscleheads - Phospherescence
22.Simian Mobile Disco - I Got This Down (Invisible Conga People Remix)
23.Photonz - Trembler (Discodeine Remix)
24.Franz Ferdinand - Fade Together (The Avalanches Remix)
25.Canyons - Big City Lights
26.James Pants - Ka$h (A-trak & XXXchange Remix)
27.Plastique De Reve - Lost in the City
28.The Presets - Anywhere (Still Going Remix)
29.James T. Cotton - The Second Night Cycle
30.Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark- Of All The Things We've Made

Ok, I'm back. and I made a new mix. All I really ask is that you listen to this at night, hopefully while making a long trip in a car or train, so that it seeps in right.

But then again, sometimes things manage to seep in regardless…no matter what you do…

As far as this one, for genre, I'm going with ALLWAVE, but a lot of it is the current disco type sound mixed with a bunch of older, timeless gems. Lots of edits/tweaks/thought in there as well. It's also the longest one I've ever done, clocking in at a little under two hours. Feels like the long-form mix rarely ever get
nailed down properly in recorded form. So many legendary sets lost in the ether, now just low hums of resonance cradled in the minds of the grateful. Probably the way it was meant to be, but still, also a little sad when you think about it. Just kinda funny how we're finally completely free of any sort time constraints due to mediums, yet most mixes available for consumption are running about thirty minutes or less.

But I get it though, gotta keep pinging 'em. You exist, gawdammit! Plus, it's sorta fool-proof, innit. That being said, I intend to make at least one more attempt at something way more dense and involved then necessary, seeing as it's almost a lost art. Plus I think it's kinda suited if you're aim is to, I dunno, invoke some towering epic grandeur. So, ya know...hang in there.

Also, I have been semi-active (under my Scallywag alias at least) over here...

As far as that goes, as much as I think the associational nature of how I've tried to present stuff over there is kinda cool, djing with pictures basically, it's also waaay too time consuming, especially when crediting ppl.
I'm gonna shift things to be a little more thematic so I can keep up with all things amazing, and try and make the focus on bringing in more secrets from the innernaut abroad. Not gonna just completely buckle under the weight of a little cost-benefit analysis, but I'm also not gonna let a missing puzzle piece stump me anymore. Plus I'm doing it all wrong as is if I consider workflow and efficiency, not even using tags n such, just piling things around my hard drive. But there have been a couple stretches of content so far that I've been pretty pleased with, so feel free to go dig those out before things pick up around there.

Anyhow, until we meet again, keep spreading the fascinating parts, and don't forget to cut out the 'just because'. super important in this day n age.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Scumcast! 10: Basswave Zero

BAH BAH BAH BUUUUMMMMMMM.... 10th Scumcast, how about that?

Oh we've come so far (only not really though). Still struggling with effective anti-marketing and the circumventing of necessary evils. Not exactly delusional about it anymore though, so I should be taking some steps to rectify that the meantime, if you are here, thanks for listening. And again, please feel free to talk shit or say hi or whatevers. Feedback is pretty crucial for improvement/motivation/knowing what other people think about what you do.

Anyhow, the last couple Scumcast's have been pretty damn focused whereas the first couple were kind of a free for all. I enjoy both approaches so with this one I was trying to manage a best of both worlds type thing.


DJ Scallywag-Scumcast! 10:Basswave Zero

1.Bass Clef-Welcome Back to Echo Chamber
3.Clouds-Elder (Rootah Remix)
6.F-Phase One
7.The Bug-Skeng (Kode9 Remix)
8.DZ-That Bongo Dub
9.fliPPo-Techno Ghosts
11.DJ Distance-Dark Crystal
12.Shackleton-New Dawn
14.3RDEYE-Irish Wind
15.Bass Clef-One Hundred Point Three
16.Various Production-Thunnk
17.King Cannibal-Arigami Style
18.Aaron Spectre-Say More Fire
19.Chase and Status-Eastern Jam
20.Joker-Gully Brook Lane
21.Kosh-Funeral March
22.Ghislain Poirer-Blazin' (Modeselektor Remix)
23.The Bug-Jah War
25.Emalkay-Gut Feeling
27.Benga-26 Basslines
28.Unknown Artist-Dead Letter Drop #2
29.The Count and Sinden-Stinging Nettle
32.TC-Where's My Money (Caspa Remix)
33.Caspa-Cockney Violin
35.Various Productions-The World is Gone
36.Broken Note-War in the Making
39.Radiohead-Nude (Eskmo Remix)

So this one is a dubstep mix, if you didn't notice. I've been meaning to do one for a minute and now seems as good a time as any, seeing how the genre has finally gained considerable footing outside of the UK and into slightly wider demographics. I started simply enough, but things got a bit interesting while trying to cram all the different variations of the sound into one cohesive statement. I ended up with a pretty thorough survey though, charting the heavily dub influenced stuff, the heady hypnotic strains, the rowdy floor fillers (both wif and wiffout wobbles), and my personal fave, the straight up devastating shit.

Oh...and I added a bunch of vocal snippets detailing how easy it might be to destroy the world instantly once we progress a bit further with certain technologies. Sorry bout that, kinda got inspired cause I thought McCain was gonna win when I started putting this together. But I kept it because it's still far off/out enough and I think it works well with the sound and the pacing of the mix; creates a cool little story arc, so to speak. Just know that the main narrator is one of the world's leading architects in computing and information technology, and not some internet crackpot (cough). I'd name names but I'm not so sure dude would appreciate me sorta demonstrating his point, if if only for edutainment purposes. But outside of the "PSA" framing, it's basically my best of dubstep mix that steers clear of only the most obvious hits (No Burial, No 'Night' no 'midnight request line' etc). Oh and the flow of the mix is loosely based on From Dusk Till Dawn and Pirates of the Caribbean (the actual ride, not the movies). :|

Anyway, I put a good deal of time and thought into this one, despite it clashing with my recent spike in hope regarding human maybe think of it as a psychological thriller of sorts, relating some distant but inevitable paranoia. In the meantime, let's say we get together and try and fix all this other shit that is presently falling apart at the seams, yeah?

PS the more bass you employ, the better this sounds. thats just kinda how this stuff works ya it loud.
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Friday, September 19, 2008

This is what happens when my immune system does not function properly :|

Well, here I am, wriggling around in a swamp of my own makings, just trying to convince my mind that we don't want to actively experience this icy hot mess of an existence anymore. (Not today, no sir...not in this state.) Still, can't seem to get the autonomics to cooperate right now, so tonight, I'm actually gonna humor one of the little bloglet dillys that tend to buzz around my periphery. I'm not exactly sure wtf that means or wtf a bloglet evens is (sounds kinda retarded to me)...but basically I know that they are made out of internet and they kinda feel like tiny gnats bouncing up against the back of my eyesockets. I catch em hovering around the outskirts of this old dilapidated cumberbun quite a bit these days. Couldn't tell you why either, I've had the wherewithal to keep the little bastards at bay for a good while now. I just have to assume that my weakened state has allowed some sort of leakage to seep through the anti-germination foam we use to plug the holes around the blood-brain barrier... because all the sudden its like, "dude! how am I NOT gonna post a youtube to every music video ever featured on Beavis and Butthead back in the day that I can remember and still appreciate...right???"

Anyway, that's the plan tonight. Looks like the hyperbole and the meta-wallowing are also making some fast inroads again, so before we start a tone war and threaten all the progress we've made in not blogging...let's just quickly point out that the hardcore reminisce that took place during that last mix must've spawned this. and that Mike Judge had dope taste in music and did a really good job of subversively exposing a lot of cool shit back in the day.

But enough!!! Let the embeddening...BEGIN!

So I've been on a big industrial kick lately. Since the advent of free everything, i've gone back and explored a fair deal of what I missed. As far as NIN I've been all about it since Pretty Hate Machine. Or at least I might I claim I was... I'm just realizing I totally wrote Trent off as too old in an arena rock kinda way after With Teeth. Its tough for shit to get under your skin when things get too anthemic and overproduced, ya know? I can get down with a little bit of his new shit though for sure...

Ministry. In case you didn't know, this song is siiiiick! The vid reminds me of the movie Hardware. It was this super awesome early 90's sci-fi horror flick starring D. McDermot and Burglekutt from Willow. They actually featured "Stigmata" in it as a music video, but put a Gwar vid as the actual footage. That gets my vote for illest mashup of 1990 easy. Historians take note.

oh shit, here's that clip!

Question: who had the cowboy/dreadpirate thing going first, Al Jourgensen or Rob Zombie???


White Zombie-Thunderkiss 65


dammit, i can't embed that. bitch ass universal music group disabling me by request...making my blog look all slapdash.

but anyway, yeah also still an awesome song. I can't answer my own question via teh googles so I'm gonna give the title to Rob, just because his get-ups are pretty much outta control. That one where he looks like a Gen X pod racer??? Yeah, I don't even know, i guess he's kinda got like a post-apocalyptic yet proto-hot topic thing going on??? ...but peep his dance moves like a minute in though. hahahahah i totally didn't remember it like that. XD

"Kill Everything. Kill Everything. That's not Enough..."

What do you think you'd be like if you had to listen to that sample everyday all the time? Also, it's pretty hard to deny the aesthetic simplicity of bold typography...did KMFDM influence the huge surge in loud block capital tees over the last two years? Also, you think Shepard Fairey liked this video? Hmmm?? Also, what if you had like a little side tv built in your vision and all you saw was clowns exploding all day non-stop? would you be able to deal?? i bet that'd be worse than having the hiccups forever. Anyway, art and animation by Brute.

Bizarro Alice Cooper named his band Alien Sex Fiend, and thats cool by me. Do you think dude liked japanese tentacle porn stuff? It feels weird to me that that concept is so old in my head. Like shouldn't I be worried that that doesn't even strike me as all that strange anymore, relatively speaking? I bet if I showed my poor grandma 1/100th of the shit I'd seen on the internet over the years, her eyes would roll into the back of her head and her soul would have no choice but to rocket out the back of her head. And then I think about all the shitty little myspace tweens who've seen the shit before me! THATS when I really start feeling zombified.


I've seen a couple prominent culture kids about town bringing back the flipped Suicidal Tendencies brim. Gotta strike when the irons hot, right? Not hating though.

Rollins Band coming with the similarly bipolar song structure. LOVE THIS VIDEO. The sets, the colors, Henry Rollins getting progressively grimier throughout while busting out with the maniac eyes. Bonafide classic for both Headbangers Ball and the Alternative Nation.

grrr...another universal owned vid... Primus-My Name is Mud

this goes next because of the ill shots with the tree and the dead sky remind me of some of the colors in the last one. also cause les claypool nails the scumbag role.

the comments are pretty hilarious, too.

Dude 3: you fucking dumbass you didnt know that "PRIMUS SUCKS" is their motto. you don't know shit! fuck you turdfuck!
Dude 4: Actually, I'm a REAL Primus fan. I spend all my time reading Les Claypool interviews and happen to know he doesn't particularly care for the phrase "PRIMUS SUCKS" anymore.
Dude 1: I was there man! I keep it real! PRIMUS SUCKS!

X 100+ pages.

I vaguely remember Plant Man and thinking dude was awesome in a cracked out uncle kinda way. I didn't know he used to be the drummer for Pavement though.

Quoted from Gary Young's wiki:

The final straw came when Young allegedly pulled a gun on Malkmus. When Young ranted about how he’d survive a nuclear war by finding a way to cook dead animals that would eliminate the radioactivity from their bodies, Malkmus joked exasperatedly, “You’ve got to shoot them right between the eyes with a silver bullet.”

hahahaha...good shit plantman!

The beginning part with swami Ted Danson seems heavily influenced by the Church of the SubGenius. No mere blogpost could ever contain my reverence for the organization nor posit some sort of convenient explanation as to what it all entails, so I'll just leave you with THE LINK.

Give Me Slack or KILL ME!

One of my favorite really crappy videos ever. Maybe it's just cause I dig this song a lot but whatevers, it totally works for me. Just some slow mo illin' in the woods... doing crazy fresh hand gestures and thinking bout the end of days.

I grew up near Venice Beach, but I don't remember seeing a lot of hobo humpin' slobo babes around. Maybe they were just kinda slick about their hobo humping?? I don't know, I guess I was kinda oblivious as I didn't even realize Squints from the Sandlot was in the band. :|

never really conceived of detachable penises before I heard this song so I have to give King Missile props for opening some major doors for me as a kid. But they also paved the way for a bunch of other shitty rock bands where the lead singer just kinda talks and stuff (Cake, Bloodhound Gang,etc.), so I might have to take it back.

Remember that movie Posse with Mario Van Peebles? Yeah, I never saw it either but I assume it was a lot like this video.

I always had an affinity for the lead singers squinty eyes. he looks kinda damp too, doesn't he?

anyway, dope song. hard as hell on Guitar Hero though!

so I didn't really know shit about Ween when I saw this and pretty much assumed that the dudes at the shwarma shop recorded this blown out demo just so they could yell at some cameras. Then mtv caught wind of it and threw it on the television because they thought it was hilarious. hahahhah, what a lil dumbass I was...

I've been playing this out a lot over the past year. It doesn't even get a great response, a little bit of scattered acknowledgment that dies off fairly quickly, but hey...doing top 40 gigs, you have to find small ways to entertain yourself. this is one of mine. can't front on that simple organ progression.

wasn't exactly all about this one but it did manage to stick. now I kinda appreciate that how honed in they had the "nerd rock for awkward people" back in the day. i was more into stuff like sublime and beck and smashing pumpkins around that point though. weezer and they might be giants were as far as I got into dork jams. maybe if punk rock girl wasn't so busted?

oh and I was REALLY into Soundgarden. This was the one that got me hooked. Back when Chris Cornell's mane was wild yet intoxicating and Kim Thayil couldn't decide if he was a rasputin or a nordic frost giant.

Grace Jones was another one of those artists I can recall but didn't really get at the time. She was just that one weird terminator broad who looked like a mannequin. Now, while I'm not the biggest fan of all her music, I still gotta give her mad respect for being on her own shit. She's definitely got some jams though.

Can we ever get back to the point societally where this is prime time entertainment? Honestly, I don't think so. But at the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if there was blog house or bmore remix of this shit. <- a="" afraid="" br="" find="" go="" hype="" i="" if="" is="" it="" m="" machine="" me="" on="" out="" right.="" scares="" statement.="" that="" the="" to="" too="" true="">

Bauhaus. I always kinda equated Peter Murphy as the dude in the walls from People Under the Stairs because of this video. The guy who had no tongue and was also in that got milk commercial (ya know, Awwon Buhh...AWWON BUHH!)? But yeah, dude does a mean ass ziggy stardust.

Saw Gwar the first night I moved to NYC. It was everything I hoped it could be. Even got elbowed real hard in the face once I mustered up the courage to jump in the pit. We somehow wound up at the Guggenheim later and my roommate ended up stealing a bottle of vodka from the bar. She then proceeded to drop it out of her purse 5 minutes later while we were walking up the spirally part. Right in front the security guard. We all just kind of looked at the broken bottle, then at dude, then a the million dollar paintings, and then back at the bottle for what seemed like ages. Then our eyes all just kinda glazed over in unison and we awkwardly shuffled away. Didn't even get kicked out. Kinda wacky.

BONUS!: Oderus and Beefcake running circles around Joan Rivers on her show circa back in the day. Specially dig the part about self-destruction being a consumer need.

I'm not sure I've ever hinted at it on my blog, so I will do so now. Tom Waits has got to be one of my top 5 all-time favorites. He's one of those true artist types, who've fleshed out there range and depth over the years while still maintaining a certain mystique. From the beautiful booze-soaked piano ballads to his avant garde experimentalism, dude has done in it all with style and self-assurance. And now he is old as fuck but can get away with making albums where he just yells a lot while banging on pots and pans. That gets him awarded legendary status in my book.

K, looks like the sun is up and I officially can't think right anymore. Plus my keyboard is overflowing with snot rockets and I'm worried it might electrocute me. Sure I missed some crucial ones but no worries, this post is already significantly overboard so my job here is done. And the "bloglets" have retreated temporarily. they did hint at a stockpile of dope visual artists and how its been awhile since I went off about that so i don't know...

to blah blah blahg or not to blog...sometimes its one of those questions. :|
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Monday, September 01, 2008

Scumcast! 9: G-Willz Presents: Fly Like Junior High Vol. I


DJ Scallywag-Scumcast!9: G-Willz Presents Fly Like Junior High Vol. I

1.Dr. Dre-Let Me Ride
2.Ice Cube-You Know How We Do It
3.Warren G-This DJ
4.Snoop Dogg-G'z Up, Hoes Down
5.Domino-Ghetto Jam
6.2pac-I Get Around
7.Twinz-Round and Round
8.Dr. Dre/w Snoop Dogg-Nuthin but a G Thang
9.Masta Ace-INC Ride
10.2pac-Bury Me a G
11.Mista Grimm-Indo Smoke
12.Above the Law-V.S.O.P
13.Mack 10-Nothing but the Cavi Hit
14.Dj Quik-Hand in Hand
15.Suga Free-If You Stay Ready
16.LV-Throw Your Hands Up
17.Dove Shack-Summertime in the LBC
18.Dj Quik-Pitch in on a Party
19.Bone Thugs-Thuggish Ruggish Bone
20.Bone Thugs-For the Love of Money
21.Nate Dogg-G-Funk
22.MC Ren-Voyage to Compton
23.Too Short-Gettin It
24.E-40-Captain Save a Hoe
25.Luniz-I got 5 on it
26.Kid Frost-Eastside Rendezvous
27.Cypress Hill-
28.Mc Eiht-You Can't See Me
29.Ahmad-Back in the Day (jeep mix)
30.Ahmad-Back in the Day
31.Ice Cube-It Was A Good Day

So I meant to have this done two days ago so you could have 3 separate days to potentially slap this while giving one last shout out to the summertime, but I lagged a little just to make sure everything was up to par. Sorry bout that, but anyway... so this is an iTape that I collaborated on with hands down one of the best dudes I know on all fronts, the inimitably fresh G-WillZ aka the G Willy Masta (always representing for $uper $tack Mode). Needless to say, I'm pretty damn satisfied with how it turned out. Basically, this one is 99.9% the result of being bored at work, being on gchat, and doing some real deal reminiscing. Like talking "Box Tops" for days, going on about how at first it was all about how you could see the blurred out hats and jerseys in all the videos, and then that one girls titties in Nuthin but a G Thang, and finally everything culminating (for a budding punk ass kid) with the video for Sir Mix-a-lot's Put Em On the Glass. Also how Ruthless Records ran shit on the Box while MTV held out forever...and how you could catch the video for Mother '93, Cotton Eyed Joe, and some Meatloaf in between all this. Yep, those were crucial times for a (dangerous?) young mind.

So anyhow, at first the idea was a smoothed out mid 90's summertime rap mix. Then the more we got down to it, the more we realized we needed to keep it west coast centric. It's not like I wasn't trying to fit in some fond memories of my older cousin blowing my little mind with his Geto Boys and Mobb Deep tapes back in the day, but at a certain point you just gotta simplify in order to get shit done. So the finished product is mostly LA/G-Funk centric with a small shout out to the bay. Oh and that Masta Ace track gets a pass because of the Delicious Vinyl connect. But all in all, while I'd say there was a tiny bit of digging involved, it's primarily a nostalgia-fest with a lot of bonafide classics, ranging from about when The Chronic hit to when DJ Quik started getting on that really clean Puff Daddy steez and was like half that, half G Funk.

Anyway, I KNOW you didn't see this coming, but I hope you enjoy it and hopefully it brings you back.


tomorrow+you+sun+bbq+your iPod with this throwback rap tape inside it= B-) B-) B-)

oh and I made that gif at like 5 in the morning practically delirious and feel like I should at least get some images with the same resolution or dimensions, but idk, at the same time it's pretty unintentionally bootsy, so i kinda likes it.
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scumcast! 8:End of the World Party

Here again. Meant to return sooner but as per the usual, every piece of technology I own decided to break the fuck down on me within a three day span. I don't know why this in unison bs always happens to me. Granted, some of this had to do with me knocking my laptop off my bed after passing out drunk and cracking the screen (twice in a one month span), but still all the other stuff was pretty uncalled for, gawdammit. I'll spare you the details... but yeah, maybe it was more like a mix between a firestorm and my own personal shitstorm. O wellll....

But I hope you didn't go and get the idea that I'm all about <3-on-yr-sleeveyness and twirling around forevs and evs after that last one. It's all one giant see-saw to me and after that one I got the urge to balance the fucker out in a way I've been threatening to do for awhile now. Yeah that's right yall, it's time for another ELECTROINDIEBLOGHOUSEBNGATHON.....M0THRAFUGGZ0RZZ!11!!1



(Like how I followed every rule in the book with that art? I did right click save the zombie ravers from some unknown source, so if anybody knows who did that, lemme know...)

2.Free Blood-Never Hear Surf Music Again (ACTH Remix)
3.Microchip League-New York, New York
4.Egyptian Lover-Freak A Holic
5.Alter Ego-Why Not?!(Tim Deluxe Remix)
8.Machines Don't Care-Beat Bang
9.Top Billin-Breath
10.Kid Cudi-Day N Nite (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
11.Marc Houle-Techno Vocals
12.Midfield General-Disco Sirens (D.I.M. Remix-Von Party No Vox Edit)
13.SebastiAn-Motor Interzone (Clash the Disko Kids Edit)
14.Simian Mobile Disco-Hustler (Joakim Remix)
15.Crookers vs Salt N Pepa-Love to Push It (Ursula 1000 Edit)
16.Shadow Dancer-Poke
17. DJ Gero-Savate
18.Proxy-Dance in the Dark
19.The Presets-Kicking and Screaming
20.Math Head-Get Hype
21.Hostage-Mash Up The Speaker
23.Outlander-The Vamp (Kevin Gorman Remix)
24.Surkin-White Knight Two
25.South Rakkas Crew-Mad Again (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
26.Boy 8 Bit-Bulbs Burn Out
27.Drop the Lime-I Love NY
28.Pop It Off Boyz-Crank Dat Batman (Starkey Adam West Mix)
29.N.E.R.D.-Everybody Nose (Official Remix)
30.Lil Wayne-Milli (Say Wut Remix)
31.The Bug-Poison Dart feat. Warrior Queen
32.HEALTH-Triceratops (CFCF Remix)

Now before you start trying to think, let me say a few things about this one. First, I'd say it's probably my first ever "official" dance mix. That is, this is the first one where I stuck to my guns and didn't wander into heady territories or veer off course into experimentalism because I felt compelled to do so. Granted this has everything from old school industrial to street bass to techie minimal stuff...but the main gist of it is dark, hard, evil blog jams and heavy basslines galore. This is built exactly how I would want a dance set of this type to go energy-wise and as far as I'm concerned, I murdered it.

But anyway, I decided to do this mix for a couple reasons. For one, as far as I can see, the new electro movement has reached it's zenith. Like, I'd say pretty much everybody who is gonna know about Justice knows about Justice. And cause of the myspace and all that, the young ones are all about this shit. At the end of the day, you really can't argue with that. I follow everything I can because I can't really help myself and I have definilly collected plenty of jams of this variety over the past 3 years or so. So I figured my job here is to steer new dance fans young and old away from the mountains of god-awful hipster bullshit clogging the intertubes and towards the dudes who are really doing ill shit within this spectrum.

Also, I won't go and say that this is on some deep serato crates shit either. A lot of these are the big 'choons that you might've heard dudes like Erol or Boys Noize playing out. A couple are even probably a few weeks too old (gasp!). But as far as what I like and can get ahold of, this is a fairly thorough survey of the past couple months. Most importantly to me, it's mixed really fast and well and makes me think I could be rocking festivals or something. Sighhh, if only I was well connected and knew how to properly market myself... ::wamp womppppp::

But anyway, it's out there, right here at the high water mark, before the great electro recession of 2009 and all the impending devastation that will follow in the years to come. For more on that, consult the growing inkling that is worming around in the back of yr mind...or go and check out the makeshift gallery I put up within the shitty confines of the picture section of the myspace. I've been doing a great job of being brief and ominous over there, so hopefully you didn't come from there and are now reading my nerd out and are all bummed that I'm anything but vague. Be sure to check it out soon though cuz myspace doesn't seem to enjoy how deep my internet gets. They've already been pruning pictures left and right and threatening to shut me down. Thanx Rupert (OoOops, I mean "Tom")!

Anyway, I should be back with a whole new angle fairly soon (time frames are my own personal joke so im gonna stop alluding to them). In the meantime, go ahead and blast this shit when you need to wyle the fuck out like there's no tomorrow. Who knows...there just might not be :)
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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Scumcast! 7: Listen & Glisten

Time to get it going againnnn.

Whellp, I know I have been really shitty about the monthliness of these Scumcast dealies...but I did forecast that being the props to me for making sure that all prophecies have been self-fulfilled. I plan on making amends by dropping no less than 3 over the next month's* span, followed by a big mix that I've been working on for a minute, which has also spawned several little splinter mixes in my head, so don't count me out just yet. I've still got a ton of jams that you need to hear, all I gotta do is line 'em up properly. Until then, I intend to keep you guessing a little bit. For starters:

Scumcast! 7: Listen & Glisten

1.Double- Woman of the World
2.Double- Woman of the World(Tangoterje edit)
3.Hercules & Love Affair- You Belong
4.Kelley Polar- Here in the Night
5.Neon Neon- Raquel
6.Jape- Floating (Prins Thomas 0.75 miks)
7.Cut Copy- Feel The Love
8.Ratatat- Shempi
9.Woolfy- Looking Glass
10.Diskjokke- Staying In
11.The Whitest Boy Alive- Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
12.Daso- Meine
13.Cari Lekebusch- Shaded Compuphonic & Kolumbo Remix
14.FPU-Ocean Drive (Tiga's White Linen Vox)
15.Metronomy-Heart Rate Rapid
17.Feist-I Feel It All (Britt Daniel Remix)
18.Feist-I Feel It All (Escort Remix)

This is a spring mix that I made with females on the brain. Alls I'm gonna say is that yes, I took it there. It's pretty unabashedly poppy, but I stand behind all the songs on it. A few tracks are fairly obvious if you follow mags and blogs and all that, but as far as the vibe I was going for, I think I pretty much killed it. I figure if you manage to make this one the soundtrack to your lyfe for a quick minute, then you are doing pretty well for yourself. Oh, and here's some associational pickers to accompany. Enjoy things...we'll talk again soon.








*or so... (failsafe asterix)

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Saturday, March 22, 2008



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